Here We Go!

This blog provides a way for the Mattapan Arts Council to share news, notes, and updates that shouldn’t await the publication of our monthly e-newsletter, Poto Mitan.

It’s also a way for others to submit suggestions for articles, reviews, or letters to the editor for possible publication. (See our editorial policy for details.) We are especially interested in hearing from writers willing to contribute a regular column for publication in our e-newsletter.  The submission guidelines follow:

Pitch a story, not a topic. Be specific. Summarize the point of your proposed story or column in a sentence or two.
Do your research. We may come back to you with questions and are more likely to run with your pitch if it’s clear you have answers, and can state clearly how your proposed story.or column would contribute to framing arts & culture in Mattapan. (See “In Brief” for an overview of our POV.)
Do more research. Get familiar with PotoMitan by reading past issues (archive is downloadable here).  Know what we’ve covered in the past, how we cover it, and familiarize yourself with our vision of Mattapan as a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood.
Prove your story’s relevance. Tell us why your story or point of view matters. Why is it relevant right now?
Consider photos. Do you have a lead on someone who has photographs related to your story? Do you have high-quality professional photos you can provide? Remember to assure the photographer that photo credit will be provided.
We will only accept pitches via email.  Do not call to pitch. Allow up to two weeks for queries on your initial story or column proposals.  If you haven’t heard back from us by then, feel free to send us a reminder email, but please not before then.  All queries for PotoMitan should be emailed to the Editor’s attention via

Email if you have any further questions in this regard.

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