Fences, Bridges, Walls: Cordoning Us Off

When you’re primarily dependent on public transportation (as more than 50% of Mattapan’s residents are), you do a lot of walking.  And if you walk Mattapan’s streets as much as I have over the years, you might have noticed a lot of expensive-looking fences going up, bridges from but not to anywhere, and walls–creating barriers and even more danger for pedestrians who need to navigate Mattapan streets on foot.

The City’s most recent “beautification project” applied to Mattapan Square bears elements of all three: drawing lines, like fences; ‘bridging’ (in a fragmented way) Blue Hill Ave’s central divide; and cementing a wall that previously did not exist for pedestrians there.   And all of it drab–completely devoid of color, except for gray, of course.

The Mattapan Arts Council is committed to seeing the colors of uplift brought to the Square, so we want to hear from you.  We especially want to hear from those who live, work, or play here.  What do you love about Mattapan that you do not see reflected in the ‘make-over’ of Mattapan Square?

You can comment here.  If you actually come to Mattapan Open Studios and fill out a comment card, however,  your dream for Mattapan Square just might come true.

2 thoughts on “Fences, Bridges, Walls: Cordoning Us Off

    1. Thanks for the input. Obviously we agree, and it will help us bring ‘the powers that be’ around to our cause if we hear from more and more Mattapan residents. So please share this post with others, and ask them to share their insights as well.


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