Reporting Out

In 2017 Mattapan Cultural Arts Development (MCAD) received $60,000 from LISC’s Creative Placemaking Program; two-thirds ($40,000) of which we re-distributed to local artists and arts organizations to make art happen in Mattapan.

As a result, our mini-grants funded a youth arts project at Greater Boston Nazarene Compassionate Center (GBNCC), community paint nights facilitated by K. Fine Arts Studios‘ Marjorie Saintil-Belizaire, as well as 53 performers and 18 technical/production  assistants through three performing arts organizations who bring cultural content to Mattapan every year: African Repertory Troupe, Inc.; Aashka Dance Company; and musiConnects.

MCAD channeled just under 12% ($7,000) of this $60,000 grant to provide organizational support to the Mattapan Arts Council–including pop-up galleries, planning meetings, and most notably, its launch of the first ever Mattapan Open Studios last October.

Of the remaining balance, an 8% ($4800) fee was retained by our fiscal agent, 4% ($2,400) covered the costs of our quarterly convenings and bi-monthly meetings throughout the year, and .7% ($420) was spent on transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.

We also benefited from two key consultancies provided by LISC Creative Placemaking last year:  several convenings with the Center for Performance and Civic Practice challenged us to collaborate towards integrating studio, social, and civic praxes; and Power4Good’s Michelle Duso, who guided us through a strategic planning process aimed at expanding our organizational and operational capacities.

MCAD also appreciates the support it received last summer through the Cocoran Center at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.   Jessica Lipton brought focus and energy to each task assigned, and delivered beyond our expectations.

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